DS1302 Real Time Clock RTC Module

Between the microcontroller and DS1302 can simply use the synchronous serial communication way, just use three port lines:
(1) RST Reset
(2) I / O data lines
(3) SCLK Serial Clock.
Clock / RAM read / write data up to a 31-byte or byte character set mode of communication.
DS1302 low power consumption while working to keep the data and clock information power of less than 1mW.

DS1302 key performance indicators:
1) Real-time clock with before 2100 can be calculated in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years of capacity, as well as the ability to leap year adjustment
2) 31 * 8 bit temporary data storage RAM
3) Serial I / O ports such a way that a minimum number of pins
4) Wide range of operating voltage: 2.0-5.5V
5) When operating current 2.0V, less than 300nA
6) Simple 3-wire interface
7) Compatible with TTL Vcc = 5V
8) Optional industrial temperature range : -40 to +85 degree
9) Dual power tubes used for the main power supply and backup power supply
10) Read / write clock or RAM data There are two ways to send single-byte and multi-byte transmit burst transfer mode

Wiring Method (supplied with the program, can be connected to any IO port, modify the
port can be defined in the program):

VCC → +5 V/3.3V
CLK → P02
DAT → P01
RST → P00

Package included:
1 x DS1302 Real Time Clock RTC Module

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  • PCB single panel size: 44mm * 23mm * 1.6mm
  • Four positioning holes, 3.1mm in diameter
  • Backup battery is CR2032, voltage 3V, current 260mAh, non-rechargeable batteries. Theoretical data hold time is more than 10 years.
  • Crystal 32.768KHz, matching capacitance 6pF, size 2 * 6mm
  • DS1302 is large 8-pin DIP chips, IC chips below seat, easy to replace and swap chips
  • Module operating voltage compatible 3.3V/5V, can be connected to 5V and 3.3V microcontroller
  • Working temperature: 0 — 70 degree

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