Multi-Function Shield for Arduino


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Multi-Function Shield for Arduino Uno/Mega/Leonardo/101

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Multi-Function Shield for Arduino Uno/Mega/Leonardo/101

This board can seamlessly connect with Uno/Mega/Leonardo/101 and other Mainstream Controller.

– 4 LED indicator, it’s convenient for Debugging.
– DS18B20 temperature sensor interface.
– LM35 temperature sensor interface.
– 3296 precision adjustable potentiometer, with analog input port.
– Integrated infrared receiver
– Four digital LED Segment Displays (using 74HC595 driver provincial IO learning SPI).
– Three separate buttons, a reset button. its convenient for experiments (HMI).
– With Buzzer
– Bluetooth, wireless interfaces, voice module, voice recognition module can be used for wireless communication experiment
– Servo interface, easy for drive servos.
– Infrared detection interface for easy docking and infrared, to achieve human traffic statistics.

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Package Includes:
1 X Multi-Function Shield

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  • Compatible with arduino uno 2560 leonardo
  • 4 LED indicator
  • DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • LM35 temperature sensor
  • 3296 adjustable potentiometer
  • 4-digits digital counter
  • Three separate buttons, a reset button
  • Buzzer
  • Wireless Bluetooth interface
  • Servo interface
  • Infrared detection Interface

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