Probe Soil Moisture Sensor Module 3.3-12V


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متحسس رطوبة بمجس تحسس مع سلك طويل، يعمل المتحسس على فولتية من 3.3 فولت الى 12 فولت. يمكن استخدامه مع جميع المتحكمات ومناسب لجميع التطبيقات الصناعية والمنزلية وغيرها بالاخص انظمة ومشاريع الري الذكي.

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Probe Soil Moisture Sensor Module 3.3-12V

The soil humidity probe detects the humidity, and the voltage comparator determines the humidity. The DO output is low when the humidity is greater than the set value. It has on-board imported Texas Instruments processor, high precision, fast response, good quality and another on-board adjustable potentiometer, adjustable sensitivity purposes.

Size: 36x15x7mm
Voltage: 3.3 -12VDC
Working Current: <20mA
Output Current: <30mA
Interface: DO: digital, AO: analog

Instructions for use:

  1. [+] is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, [-] is connected to the negative pole of the power supply. Please do not reverse the connection. It is responsible for burning the chip. After the power is connected, the [P] power indicator lights up and the module works normally.
  2. The blue potentiometer adjusts clockwise/counterclockwise to increase/decrease the probe detection sensitivity. Take the “thermal sensor” as an example, assuming the default is 25 degree trigger, [DO] output is active low. Clockwise adjustment, the temperature can be triggered below 25 degrees. Counterclockwise is higher than 25 degrees trigger.
  3. It indicates that the adjustment range has exceeded the test threshold when the potentiometer is adjusted clockwise until the [S] output indicator is on. The threshold value is exceeded when the counterclockwise adjustment is unable to adjust. The threshold cannot be exceeded when adjusting, otherwise it cannot be used.
  4. [AO] output is analog (voltage), which can be directly detected by the AD port of the MCU.

Package Includes:
1 x Soil Moisture Sensor Module

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