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USB Programmer for 93/24/25 Series EEPROM Flash BIOS with SOIC8 SOP8 Test Clip


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مبرمجة بايوز وفلاشات تربط بشكل مباشر عبر الـ USB مع إدارة التوصيل الملقطية وهي عبارة عن قبضة يتم تثبيتها مباشرة على الرقاقات مثل رقاقات الـ Bios. تعمل المبرمجة مع سلسلة رقاقات البايوز من نوع 93CXX / 25CXX / 24CXX ذات الثمان او ستة عشر أرجل مع دعم لتقنية بروتوكول الـ SPI وتوافقها مع جميع أنواع الوندوز حيث ان الدرايفر متوفر وبشكل مجاني. تقوم بتمييز أنواع الرقاقات بشكل تلقائي ضمن سلسلة 25CXX وتحتوي العديد من المزايا مثل دعم بروتوكول I2C وأيضا EPP/MEM الضروري للعديد من الرقاقات.

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USB Programmer for 93/24/25 Series EEPROM Flash BIOS with SOIC8 SOP8 Test Clip

FLASH USB Programmer is software that writes data to flash memory from PC. It can also get data from flash memory. This low-cost mini USB CH341A 24 25 Series EEPROM Flash BIOS USB Programmer is intended to support 24xx Series EEPROM and 25xx series SPI flash 8pin/16 pin chip. It is equipped with a CH341A chip, can automatically recognize a 25 series chip, and its 24/25 series indicator lamp enables the user to easily recognize the module’s working status. This awesome programmer is also user-friendly because it supports USB to TTL conversion and the SOP8 SOP16 to DIP8 converter board makes the connection with different chips easily.
The CH341 makes it possible to interface a different kind of user applications to the PC over USB, without any need of µC controller programming. The Chip can be used as an I²C interface to i²C enabled peripheral IC´s. It also offers an 8-bit bi-directional data bus with EPP/MEM protocol, which could be used to interface HD44789 compatible text LCD displays for example. The Chip can also work as a USB-RS232 interface, often needed to adapt AVR-applications to USB, where the USB powering option is another advantage.



  • Use the CH341A chip and USB 1.1 communications. Programming is faster than ordinary ATMEGA8
  • Very suitable for amateur programmer 24 and 25 series FLASH
  • Support all Windows version.
  • Use USB port power supply, the power output is 500mA fuse (with fuse version ), which can effectively prevent a short circuit on the motherboard


Support: 24 EEPROM and 25 SPI flash 8pin/16pin chip
Port: USB to TTL port, can get root online
Chip: CH341A
Type Detection: Recognize 25 series chip automatically
Technique: support download STC series procedure of single chip
Indicator: With 24/25 status indicator lamp
Protocols: EPP/MEM, I2C, SPI pin to support expanding the utility
Output Voltage: Provide 5V-3.3V power supply output
Size: 85mm x 28mm x 12mm

Download the driver from here

Package Includes:
1x CH341A 24 25 Series EEPROM Flash BIOS USB Programmer
2x Header pins
1x SMD to DIP converter PCB board
1 x SOIC8 SOP8 Test Clip

Compatible With:

AT24C01 AT24C01B AT24C01A AT24C02A AT24C02
AT24C04 AT24C02B AT24C04B AT24C04A AT24C08A
AT24C08B AT24C16A AT24C16B AT24C08 AT24C16
AT24C32 AT24C64 AT24C64A AT24C32B AT24C32A
AT24C128A AT24C128B AT24C256B AT24C64B AT24C128
AT24C256 AT24C512 AT24C256A AT24C512B AT24C512A
AT24C1024 AT24C1024A AT24C1024B
CAT24C01 CAT24WC01 CAT24WC02 CAT24C02 CAT24C04
CAT24WC04 CAT24WC08 CAT24C08 CAT24WC16 CAT24C16
CAT24WC32 CAT24C32 CAT24WC64 CAT24C64 CAT24WC128
CAT24C128 CAT24WC256 CAT24C256 CAT24C512 CAT24WC512
CAT24C1024 CAT24WC1024
24C01 24C01 3V 5V 5V 24C04 24C02 24C02 3V 5V
24C04 24C08 3V 3V 5V 24C08 24C16 24C16 3V 5V
5V 24C32 24C32 24C64 3V 5V 5V 24C64 3V 24C128
24C256 24C128 3V 5V 5V 24C512 24C512 24C256 3V 3V
3V 24C1024 24C1024 24C2048 3V 5V 5V 24C2048 24C4096 5V
24C4096 3V
FM24C01L FM24C02L FM24C03L FM24C04L FM24C05L
FM24C08L FM24C09L FM24C17L FM24C16L FM24C32L
FM24C64L FM24C128L FM24C256L FM24C512L FM
HT24C01 HT24LC01 HT24C02 HT24LC02 HT24C04
HT24LC04 HT24C08 HT24LC08 HT24C16 HT24LC16
HT24LC32 HT24C32 HT24LC64 HT24C64 HT24C128
HT24LC128 HT24C256 HT24LC256 HT24LC512 HT24C512
HT24C1024 HT24LC1024
IS24C01 IS24C02 IS24C04 IS24C08 IS24C16
IS24C32 IS24C64 IS24C128 IS24C256 IS24C512
MIC24LC024 MIC24AA024 MIC24LC025 MIC24LC08B MIC24AA08
MIC24FC64 MIC24AA64 MIC24FC128 MIC24AA128 MIC24LC128
MIC24AA256 MIC24LC256 MIC24FC256 MIC24AA512 MIC24LC512
MIC24FC512 MIC24AA1024
NSC24C02L NSC24C02 NSC24C64
FM24CL04 FM24C04A FM24CL16 FM24C16A FM24CL64
FM24C64 FM24C256 FM24CL256 FM24C512
BR24L01 BR24C01 BR24L02 BR24C02 BR24L04
BR24C04 BR24L08 BR24C08 BR24L16 BR24C16
BR24L32 BR24C32 BR24C64 BR24L64
ST24C01 ST24C02 ST24C04 ST24C08 ST24C16
ST24C32 ST24C64
X24C01 X24C02 X24C04 X24C08 X24C16

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