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Bi-Metal Heatbreak Upgrade


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كاسر حراري من معدنين مختلفين في توصيلهما الحراري تيتانيوم TC4 و نحاس. يعمل التيتانيوم TC4 على اضعاف نقل الحرارة للجزء العلوي من الحاقن والنحاس يعمل على تبديد تلك المنتقلة منها بسرعة.

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In stock


Product Description:

It is named “Bi-Metal Heatbreak” It has two components with different thermal conductivity. It is composed of 2 parts. We use a special process to hold them firmly together. You don’t need to worry about it being damaged.

This Heatbtreak is made from two components, Copper and Titanium TC4. Titanium TC4 reduces heat upward conduction at the heating position, and copper for heat dissipation to accelerate heat conduction.

The inner wall of the titanium is very smooth so that the filament can pass through and reduce clogging.

Material: Copper & Titanium TC4

Printers: Ender-3 or equivalent

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