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D2-1 Smart Robot Car Kit (Line tracking Car) DIY


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سيارة ذكية تتبع الخط يمكن ربطها وتعليم الاطفال على اللحام الالكتروني من خلالها واستخدامها. السيارة تحتوي على كافة الدوائر الالكترونية والاجزاء الميكانيكية اللازمة للعمل والحركة. مناسبة جداً لمختلف اغراض التجارب العلمية والمعارض ويمكن تحويرها وادخال متحكم عليه وبرمجتها لاحقاً.

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D2-1 Smart Robot Car Kit (Line tracking Car) DIY

There is a 16 mm wide runway in the white field. Our tracking car can drive along the black runway automatically. No matter how the runway is bent, the car can be driven automatically. We all know that the reflectivity is different when the light source to the white objects and black objects. Here we use red light source. The light is reflected through the ground to the photoresistor. By detecting the resistance of the photosensitive resistor can determine whether the car is driving in the white area. If the detection is black runway, then the car to change the direction of driving and motor will slow down or even stop and Red LED OFF on PCB front side. Drive the car in the opposite direction so that the car is always running along the runway.

– Using photosensitive resistance device, high sensitivity and stable performance.
– LM393 is a dual voltage comparator integrated circuit, which consists of two independent precision voltage comparator.
– Complete smart tracking line car kit, easy to install.
– DC motor with gear reduction, easy to control.
– Widely used in experiment, industry, school, electronic DIY, robots, remote control cars etc.

NO. Component Name PCB Marker Parameter Quantity
1 LM393 IC1 DIP-8 1
2 IC Socket IC1 DIP-8 1
3 Electrolytic Capacitor C1,C2 100uF 2
4 Potentiometer R1,R2 103 10K 2
5 Metal Film Resistance R5,R6,R11,R12 51ohm 4
6 Metal Film Resistance R7,R8 1K 2
7 Metal Film Resistance R9,R10 10ohm 2
8 Metal Film Resistance R3,R4 3.3K 2
9 Photoresistor R13,R14 CDS5 2
10 Red LED D1,D2 5mm 2
11 White LED D4,D5 5mm 2
12 S8550 Q1,Q1 TO-92 2
13 Self-Locking switch S1 6*6mm 1
14 DC Motor M1,M2 2
15 Wheel 40mm 2
16 Tires 40mm 2
17 Gaster Screw M5*20mm 1
18 Gaster Nut M5 1
19 Gaster Screw Cap M5 1
20 Cable 6mm 4
21 Battery Case AA*2 1
22 PCB D2-1 105*72*1.6mm 1

Package Includes:
1 x D2-1 Smart Robot Car Kit

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