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Duet 2.0 Wifi


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مذربورد متقدم ذو 32 بت يستعمل للسيطرة على الطابعات ثلاثية الابعاد ومكائن السي ان سي. يستطيه هذا البورد الوصول الى شبكة الانترنت عبر الوايف اي بدلا من كيبل الايثرنت.



100,000 د.ع 120,250 د.ع

In stock



  1. Onboard high speedSD card, support second SD external card if needed.
  2. Powerful32-bit processor: Atmel SAM4E8E,120MHzmain frequency, ARM Cortex-M4 core.
  3. There is a double extruder on the main board, which can be extended by 5 additional extruders. Expandable up to7 extruders.
  4. Ultra-quietTMC2660stepper driver: SPI mode control, up to256subdivisions, optional 16x interpolation when using 16 subdivisions (same as TMC2100, TMC2130, chip internal refinement is 16*16=256 subdivision). The hardware supports variable subdivision and current (via SPI settings) for optimum speed and power efficiency.
  5. 3 PWM controllable and 2 normally open fans. The voltage of these fans can be supplied by input voltage, 5V or external power supply for added flexibility.
  6. High Rated Power: Each TMC2660 can have a motor current of up to 2.8A, but current firmware is limited to a maximum of2.4A. The hot bed channel is designed for high current (18A).
  7. SupportPanelDue: Full color graphic touch screen.
  8. Can be connected via USB or serial port.
  9. Based on the DuetWifi by Think3dPrint3d and Esher3d.

This reproduction/modification is not endorsed or supported in any way by Think3dPrint3d or Escher3d”.


Using a modified version of open source RepRapFirmware.

Firmware office web:https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware.

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