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2-in-1 Electric Soldering Suction Gun


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قاشطة سولدر على هيئة كاوية ميكانيكية، يمكن استخدامها لأزاله السولدر بكل سهولة عبر التسخين الحراري دون الحاجة لاستخدام الكاوية وبنفس الوقت يمكن شفط السولدر المذاب بشكل مباشر للحصول على إعادة لحام سلسلة بعدها. تستهلك 30 واط فقط ويمكن استخدامها للحام القطع البسيطة ايضاً.

10,000 د.ع

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2-in-1 Electric Soldering Suction Gun



  • It is safe and reliable and suction is particularly strong.
  • It will improve work efficiency and save energy.
  • Available for one-handed operation, the work is simple and durable.
  • After a few minutes connecting to the power used by a rear cap hear voice of beep, then you can start.


Voltage: 220V AC
Power: 30W
Material: Metal and Plastic.


After the welding tool is completely cooled, you can remove the black decorative circle, press the button, and spin the seat from the left. Finally, you can remove the tin.

1. Check the use of voltage is consistent, too high or too low voltage is not conducive to use
2. Tighten the suction nozzle and air cylinder before use to prevent air leakage, otherwise it will affect the tin absorption effect
3, often remove the solder impurities into the suction nozzle and cylinder, and add a little oil to the piston
4. After each use, push the piston 3-4 times to clear the residual solder in the suction nozzle and suction pipe, so as to facilitate the next use
5. It is strictly prohibited to install and remove the electric heating parts of the tin suction device after it is electrified.
6. When the new tin suction device is used for the first time, it may smoke slightly due to the heating heat of the electric heating element. This is a normal phenomenon, which will disappear naturally after ten minutes
7. In the process of use, must be equipped with a natural heat dissipation structure of the soldering iron seat and should be placed in the soldering iron seat
8. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its maintenance department or similar full-time personnel to avoid danger
9. This product has ground wire, should be equipped with socket with contact, please pay attention to use, for safety.


Package Includes:
1 x Electric Soldering Suction Gun 2-in-1

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