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Function Generator with 60MHz Frequency Meter


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مولد موجات (موجات جيبيه Sine wave – موجات مربعة Square Wave – موجات سن المنشار Sawtooth wave – موجات مثلثة Triangle Wave) وبتردد 0.01Hz ~ 2MHz، بالاضافة الى خاصية قياس التردد، اي يعمل كمقايس للتردد Frequency ولتردد 60MHz.

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Function Generator (DDS Signal Source Module) with 60MHz Frequency Meter UDB1000 Series

UDB1000 is based on direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology signal generator, using FPGA design, easy to use, high signal stability, but also has TTL output and external frequency measurement function, able to adjust the amplitude of the output signal and DC bias, suitable for laboratory, engineering and technical personnel as well as enthusiasts.

– Output waveforms: Sine wave, Square wave, Sawtooth wave and Triangle wave
– Output amplitude: ≥9Vp-p (signal output, no load)
– Output impedance: 50Ω±10%
– DC offset: ±2.5V
– Display: LCD1602
– Frequency range: 0.01Hz ~ 2MHz (UDB1002)
– Frequency Resolution: 0.01Hz (10mHz)
– Frequency Stability: ±1×10-6
– Frequency accuracy: ±5×10-6
– Sine wave distortion: ≤0.8% (reference frequency is 1kHz)
– Trinagle linearity: ≥98% (0.01Hz~10kHz)
– Rise and fall time of square wave: ≤100ns
– Square Wave Duty range: 1%~99%

TTL Output Function
– Frequency range: 0.01Hz ~ 2MHz (UDB1002)
– Amplitude: >3Vp-p
– Fan Out: >20 TTL loads

COUNTER Function
– Counter Range: 0-4294967295
– Frequency Meter Range: 1Hz~60MHz
– Input Voltage Range: 0.5Vp-p~20Vp-p

Package Includes:
1 x DDS Signal Generator Module
1 x DC 5V Power Supply

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