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IRFZ44N MOSFET N-channel


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موسفيت IRFZ44N نوع n-channel ذو قدرة تحمل تصل الى 49 امبير بمقاومة يمتاز بسرعة تشغيل/إطفاء قصيرة جدا لا تتعدى 60 نانو ثانية مما يجعله مناسب لتطبيقات التحكم بترددات عالية ومقاومة صغيرة نسبياً قدرها 17.5 اوم حيث يمكن تشغيله بفولتية 4 فولت. يستخدم بكثرة للتحكم بدوائر سيطرة على الأجهزة الخارجية المربوطة مع المتحكمات ويمكن استخدامه في العديد من التطبيقات مثل تطبيقات التحكم الأخرى واجهزة التحويل وتثبيت الفولتية واجهزة التحكم في سرعة المحركات.

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IRFZ44N MOSFET N-channel

The IRFZ44N is a N-channel MOSFET with a high drain current of 49A and low Rds value of 17.5 mΩ. It also has a low threshold voltage of 4V at which the MOSFET will start conducting. Hence it is commonly used with microcontrollers to drive with 5V. However, a driver circuit is needed if the MOSFET has to be switched in completely. The IRFZ44N is known for its high drain current and fast switching speed. Adding to that it also has a low Rds value which will help in increasing the efficiency of switching circuits. The MOSFET will start turning on with a small gate voltage of 4V, but the drain current will be maximum only when a gate voltage of 10V is applied. If the mosfet has to be driven directly from a microcontroller like Arduino then try the logic level version IRLZ44N mosfet.



  • Small signal N-Channel MOSFET
  • Continuous Drain Current (ID) is 49A at 25°C
  • Pulsed Drain Current (ID-peak) is 160A
  • Minimum Gate threshold voltage (VGS-th) is 2V
  • Maximum Gate threshold voltage (VGS-th) is 4V
  • Gate-Source Voltage is (VGS) is ±20V (max)
  • Maximum Drain-Source Voltage (VDS) is 55V
  • Rise time and fall time is about 60ns and 45ns respectively.
  • It is commonly used with any MCU and Arduino, due to its low threshold current.


Download the Datasheet

Pin Configuration

1: Source – Current flows out through Source
2: Gate – Controls the biasing of the MOSFET
3: Drain – Current flows in through Drain



  • Switching high power devices
  • Control speed of motors
  • LED dimmers or flashers
  • High Speed switching applications
  • Converters or Inverter circuits

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