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Metal Detector Kit 3V-5V (غير مربوط)


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جهاز لتحسس واكتشاف المعادن بمدى 5 سم، الجهاز تكدرون تربطوه بالبيت يعني الكومبوننت الي بيه ما مربوطة بس تحتاج كاوية وسولدر وتربطوه وتطبيقاته جداً حلوه وممكن ربطه مع الاردوينو او اي متحكم اخر.

4,250 د.ع 5,750 د.ع

In stock


Metal Detector Kit 3V-5V (غير مربوط)

– Supply voltage: 3-5V
– Dimensions: 66x61mm
– Maximum detection range: 5 cm

Games and entertainment, security checks, searches the body of metal products, including cell phones, knives, etc., according to the production principle, also can be designed according to the principles of this package produce cars detection, traffic statistics, elevator floor control, production equipment position detection production equipment design, electronic product design, development of amusement equipment, metal proximity switches, metal detector body (there are many IUDs are made of metal, as well as some Red Army veterans of the body may also metal bullets, the future inner metal body organs the situation will be a lot), you look for gold ingots probe Uchiyama.

Package Includes:
1x PCB board
1x Buzzer
1x 100UF25V electrolytic capacitors
2x 104 ceramic capacitor
2x 222 polyester capacitors
1x 220K resistance 0.25W
1x 2.2K resistor 0.25W
1x 100 European blue potentiometer
1x 9018 transistor
1x 9015 transistor
1x 9012 transistor
1 x 22AWG wire red 10cm

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  • Supply voltage: 3-5V
  • Dimensions: 66x61mm
  • Maximum detection range: 5 cm

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