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Soldering Assist/Repairing Tools 6 Pieces Set


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سيت ادوات خاصة للمساعدة في اللحام الالكتروني وصنع البوردات والصيانة. تستخدم لازالة السولدر ولتنظيف مناطق اللحام والمراد تصليحها. الادوات مفيدة جدا في التطبيقات الخاصة بتجميع القطع الالكترونية على البوردات ولحامها.

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In stock


Soldering Assist/Repairing Tools 6 Pieces Set

– A variety of applications for holding, removing, cleaning, etc. and for precision work.
– These soldering aids are widely used for printed circuit board assembly and soldering operations to maintain the shape of different terminals.
– Meet the welding requirements of stamping, cutting, scraping, hook brushing, etc.
– Suitable for disassembly and assembly of integrated circuits, welding, grinding, cleaning and maintenance of precision electronic components.
– Not only a radio enthusiast, but also an indispensable tool for professionals.

Package Includes:
1 x Solder Assist Knife
1 x Solder Assist Fork
1 x Solder Assist Reamer
1 x Solder Assist Chip Hold
1 x Solder Assist Brash
1 x Solder Assist Needle

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