FPGA Altera Cyclone IV Development Kit Altera EP4CE NIOSII

Cyclone® IV FPGA Development Kit provides a comprehensive, best-in-class design environment to quickly begin developing low-cost and low-power FPGA system-level designs. This kit helps to shorten your product’s development cycle so that you can meet your product’s time to market and production milestones.

– The main chip of ALTERA company’s new FPGA Cyclone IV series EP4CE6E22C8N
– Onboard high-capacity EPCS16N serial configuration chip, supports JTAG/AS two download mode
– Onboard 64Mbit SDRAM, support SOPC, NIOSII development
– Onboard 50MHz active crystal, the master clock system stability
– Using 1117-3.3V voltage regulator chip, to provide 3.3V voltage output
– Using 1117-1.2V voltage regulator chip to provide FPGA core voltage
– Using 1117-2.5V voltage regulator chip, to provide PLL voltage output
– Using a large number of decoupling capacitors, decoupling design
– 5V DC power supply socket and USB interface power supply socket, two kinds of power supply mode
– 1 reset button, can also be used as a user input button
– 1 self-locking button power switch
– 1 LED power indicator light
– Out of all IO interface, universal 2.54mm spacing, can be easily extended
– JTAG download interface to download the file is .SOF, the speed is fast, the usual use of this interface is recommended
– AS download interface to download the file is .POF, the speed is slow, need to use this interface when the curing process

Peripheral Interface:
– 4 independent keys
– 4 LED diodes,
– 4 digital tube
– 4 dial switch
– 1 buzzer
– PS2 interface
– RS232 serial port
– 1×20 pin LCD socket, support LCD1602, LCD12864, TFT LCD
– Temperature sensor chip LM754A, for thermometer experiment
– Precision adjustable resistance, adjustable LCD backlight
– VGA interface, for display experiment
– I2C serial EEPROMAT24C08, for IIC bus experiment
– Infrared receiving module

The Quartus Prime software (Free Edition) Download

Package Includes:
1 x FPGA Altera Cyclone IV main board
1 x USB Blaster
1 x USB Cable

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