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WeMos D1 Mini Pro Development Board with External Antenna Based ESP8266


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بورد WeMos D1 الرائع والذي يحتوي متحكم مع واي فاي باستخدام ESP8266 الشهير. يحتوي البورد على 11 منفذ ادخال وإخراج رقمي بالإضافة الى منافذ الـ PWM والـ Interrup وبروتوكول الـ I2C والسيريل بالتأكيد ويحتوي على ذاكره قدرها 4MB بالإضافة الى منفذ للأشاعرة التماثلية Analog أي انه يحتوي على ADC. يحتوي البورد على منفذ للهوائي ومزود بهوائي ايضاً يمكن ربطه لتأمين اتصال واي فاي أفضل واقوى ولمسافة ابعد.

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WeMos D1 Mini Pro Development Board with External Antenna Based ESP8266

The WeMos D1 min PRO is a miniature wireless 802.11 (Wifi) microcontroller development board. It turns the very popular ESP8266 wireless microcontroller module into a fully-fledged development board. Programming the D1 mini pro is as simple as programming any other Arduino based microcontroller as the module includes a built in microUSB interface allowing the module to be programmed directly from the Arduino IDE (requires the ESP8266 support to be added via board manager) with no additional hardware. The board designed to allow WeMos compatible shields to be plugged into the board in a similar way to the Arduino development board platform which greatly expands its capabilities. There is already a large range of compatible shields available and can also be purchased via our website.


  • 11 digital input/output pins
  • Interrupt/pwm/I2C/one-wire
  • 1 analog input (3.2V max input)
  • 4M bytes (128M bit) Flash
  • External antenna connector
  • Built-in ceramic antenna
  • New CP2104 USB-TO-UART IC
  • Same size as D1 mini, but more light
  • Built-in ceramic antenna or External antenna, PCB antenna
  • PCB size of 3.6mm X 6.7mm

Package Includes:
6 x pin headers
1 x WeMos D1 mini-Pro board
1 x Antenna set

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